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The next revolution in gentlemen,s grooming

Why not try Harolds Traditional Style Shaving Soap as an alternative to your usual brand? You’ll be amazed at the results!


Why use Harolds Traditional Style Shaving Soap?

It is an inexpensive, solid form shaving soap, which could prolong the effective working life of razor blades. An individual might use a new razor blade every other week; that’s up to 26 razor blades per year, which can become very expensive. If you use Harolds shaving soap your razor blade could last for months not weeks.

When you use Harolds shaving soap:

It’s small, compact and easy to use, each pack can last for up to 3 months. No other products are required: no oiling, no stropping, no drying, no soaking.

Harolds Traditional Style Shaving Soap is:

An uncomplicated solid form soap which is compact, safe and convenient for use at home and when travelling. Harolds shaving soap is free of propellants, liquids, gas, colour, perfume and allergens.






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