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The next revolution in gentlemen,s grooming



Many years ago, my mother recounted a story to me she had heard from her father. During the Worldwide Financial crash of the 1930s (The Great Depression) his family struggled, as did so many, with the purchase of everyday essentials. He could not even consider buying expensive branded toiletries. Soap, soap flakes, and shaving soap was out of the question, and considered an extravagance.

However, my grandfather (named after the famous King Harold), was a proud Yorkshireman who would always make a great effort with his appearance. Always well turned-out, well-groomed and would never consider stepping over the threshold without his daily shave. Unable to afford branded shaving soap, he would often use ordinary household soap, shaving with any small piece he could salvage.

It wasn’t long before he realised that a particular combination of soaps would not only achieve a lather sufficient for a good clean shave, but also, to his amazement, proved to prolong the working life of his razor blade.

He continued to experiment with oddments of different soaps, and within months he had identified a combination of soaps and soap products that he could consistently replicate, creating at last a formula which would produce a rich creamy lather and prolong the life of his razor blades by many times their usual life.

Taking inspiration from my grandfather Harold, I too have, after many years experimenting and testing, using approved modern soap products, have discovered a formula which I use to create a solid form traditional style shaving soap.

Harolds Traditional Style Shaving Soap is safe, uncomplicated, and easy to use. When applied with a shaving brush, it produces a rich creamy lather ideal for a clean and comfortable shave, with the added potential of increasing the effective life of your razor blade by weeks if not months, thus saving you money.



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